French Renewable Energy Trade Association

The leading voice of the RE sectors

The French Renewable Energy Trade Association (SER) was established in 1993 to promote the interests of industrials and professionals in the sector to public authorities, parliament and all bodies in charge of energy, industry, employment, the environment and research. It groups directly and indirectly thousands of industrials, companies, R&D centers from all of the renewable energy channels: biofuels, biomass, wood, biogas, renewable marine power, wind power, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, heat pumps, solar photovoltaics, thermal and concentrated solar power.

Key figures


<span class="number">1993</span> SER established
1993 SER established
<span class="number">23</span> employees
23 employees
<span class="number">500</span> members
500 members
<span class="number">2/3</span> of its members are SMES & Mid caps
2/3 of its members are SMES & Mid caps
<span class="number">15</span> billion euros of cumulated turnover
15 billion euros of cumulated turnover
<span class="number">166,000</span> direct & indirect jobs
166,000 direct & indirect jobs


7 international cooperation agreements

AQPER (Québec)
EDAMA (Jordan)
AMISOL (Marocco)
METI (Indonesia)
Renewable UK (United Kingdom)
UK Marine Energy Council (United Kingdom)

15 memberships of the SER in external associations

among them Wind Europe, Solar Power Europe, Bioenergy Europe, Ocean Energy Europe, Global Solar Council, Coalition for action of IRENA.

Founding member of

  • The International Committee of private players of the International Solar Alliance
  • Global Solar Council


Our challenges


  • In the regions: as a local energy source, renewable energy shall be developped with the territories. The SER has structured itself in order to provide elected officials and their departments with proposals and concrete answers to accompany them in the implementation of their new energy mix.
  • In France: the energy-climate Law adopted in 2019 and the Pluriannual Energy Program (PPE) set clear objectives for the next decade. The monitoring of the progress of renewable energy in the different sectors (electricity, heat, gas) that SER carries out each year shows that, while progress is real, the growth needs to be accelerated.
  • Internationally: for many years, SER has been supporting its members in export markets, in partnership with public authorities and all stakeholders (institutional or private). SER is working with multilateral and bilateral international financial institutions to adapt the garanties and financing tools to the needs of RE players. It assists governments in the implementation of ambitious national RE strategies and promote the French expertise in high potential markets. SER is working closely with IRENA, ISA and IEA to represent the private sector in the International debate.



Primary missions of the SER

Increase the share of renewable energy in France and abroad by promoting the interests of industrialists and professionals in the sectors.

Actively participate in the development of legislation and and regulations. In permanent contact with political leaders, ministerial offices, national and local administration, the SER follows, on a daily basis discussions, parliamentary work (bills, draft, reform projects) and all legislative or regulatory changes that may have an impact on the development of renewable energy.

Supporting our members and facilitating their deployment in France and abroad.

Develop and promote quality labels and standards such as the Flamme Verte wood heating label and the Alliance Qualité Photovoltaïque (AQPV) for PV installers.

Promote the French know-how in the field of renewable energy internationally and collaborate with foreign governments to assist them in their energy transition.


French know how abroad in RE

In collaboration with ADEME, the SER has developed an internet platform identifying the realizations of French companies in several RE sectors throughout the world. More than 200 RE realizations are gathered in this internet website which is updated regularly.

> French renewable energy website

SER events

Among its communication actions, SER is organizing several key events ranging for collective missions abroad to nation wide sectorial events :

  • The annual conference of the SER at the UNESCO House (Paris) bringing more than a thousand high level participants and journalists > Watch the teaser video
  • National Biomass conference
  • National Renewable Marine Energy conference
  • National PV conference
    and others.

Majors speakers in these events are ministers, high level representatives of the administration, regional elected officials, CEO’s of utilities and key RE companies, European Commission officials, among others.


Board of directors

Jules NYSSEN, President of the SER
André ANTOLINI & Jean-Louis BAL, Honor Presidents
> See boards members